Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Journey

This piece is entitled "The Journey".  Sometimes the journey is a smooth ride.  Sometimes the journey is a bumpy road.  Sometimes the journey takes an unexpected turn.  Sometimes the journey slows to a stop....I consider this time a moment to regroup and reflect as has been my process lately. 
After not having enough time to paint for three months due to a hectic work schedule,  I was finally able to pick up my brushes again.  I have missed and longed to create in my art journal with acrylics, oils and inks.  As with many others, art is an outlet.  Art is my therapy.  Art allows me to express feelings and thoughts....good or bad.  I truly love to paint, put it through photoshop then run it through pixlr for different effects as is the case with the above piece. 
I created the above piece with acrylics, oils, inks and spray paint.  This piece took many different turns with many, many layers.  She ended up with wonky eyes which I am coming to embrace.  The tear was not intended, it came about when I used ink on the eyes then turned it up to get a look at the progress.  The tear just emerged.  

Today I am truly thankful to have the time to create again.

The Journey continues.