Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Free at Last

 My dearest and oldest friend Ed died a couple of weeks ago.  My journal is full of journaling and drawings lately in his honor.
 Ed was an old school kinda guy that has taken care of his mother for 10 years.  Taking care of his mother for 10 years was a double edged sword for Ed.  Although he enjoyed the final 10 years of her life, it took a tremendous toll on him.  Ed's mother died one month ago at 90 yrs old.  Ed of course was mourning her death, but was finally planning his decent to Florida.  Life for Ed was finally just beginning....he would be free to hang out by the pool all day and travel to all the places he had longed to visit and experience.    In the last month the "old Ed" I first met, a happy go lucky, fun, stress free kinda guy emerged again.  This was FINALLY  Ed's time to live....truly live
Exactly one month after Ed's mother died,  Ed died in his sleep.
I miss my friend horribly.  I miss his dry wit and huge heart.  I miss his old school ways.  I miss his laughter. I miss being called "angel".   I just miss Ed.
If you are a caregiver, please remember to take time for yourself.  Respite care is not a privilege, it is mandatory.
You are free at last now Ed.