Friday, April 12, 2013

WIP Izannah Walker inspired dolls

Recently I have grown to love Izannah Walker dolls so I purchased this awesome PDF book by Dixie Redmond  HERE.  Dixie Redmond has put together this beautifully detailed book of how to make your own Izannah Walker inspired doll (emphasizing "inspired" for me).   She takes the doll step-by-step and even includes patterns!  
This is my first attempt at actually making my own doll and let me tell you....this is alot of work but very gratifying.  Because I do not all....I am improvising...alot.  The head is made of paperclay.  She is not perfect, but I think she is almost ready to cover with cotton stockinette/material. Before I cover her, I will make a mold of her face and bust therefore speeding up the process considerably.
Have a good one!!